Truck Abductions


I’m a 37-year old Snowy Lake Regions man who would like someone to sit in my truck with me. Call SNOWY LAKE 6-2931.

Hello!  I’m a 49-year old South Outlands man who needs a friend. I don’t have any friends. I need someone to talk with about the horrible, torturous, near-murderous relationship I just got out of. I would like to have the discussion in my truck. Call SOUTH OUT 9-3102.

Looking to grapple with a nice woman. I am not skilled at grappling but I am in good shape. Please reply with some information about you, your level of fitness and maybe a couple of pics. Oh– the grappling will be in my truck. Call DESERT 2-1352.

I just moved here and would like to make some friends. I have a small dog that I bring everywhere. I enjoy day trips, coffee and non-plate meals. I have a truck. Call MILD SOUTH PENINSULA 7-4850.

Cuddles? Kissing? DVDs? In my truck? Call DESERT 2-8873.

I feel a true bond with older people, always have. When I was a kid I wanted to sit at the adult table. Most of the women I have dated have been older than me. The last two relationships I was in were with a 48 year old and with a 65 year old. Older women also seem more comfortable with me. I am very kind, generous, and considerate. My friends would describe me as funny, nice to animals and very easy to talk to. If you are looking for a nice younger man to get to know than send me a message, and be sure to put your favorite Dean T. Pibbs terrorist attack novel in the subject line so I know you are real. Lastly, I have a truck. CALL LANKVILLE CAPITOL, 4-3297.



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