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An Interview with Dr. Pondicherry

Nient Boffo, Jr. recently sat down with deposed commissioner Dr. Albert C. Pondicherry, Jr. at the Brox Uncolored Condiment Factory in Western Lankville.

NB: Tell us about your new job with the Condiments.
AP: I have this tight onesie as you can see and this beekeeping hat. I’ve been assigned to prance around the factory floor at specific times.
NB: How does one prance?
AP: I’m glad you asked that. See, I didn’t know myself and so Robin Brox was kind enough to bring in some experts and they had me trained in a few days.
NB: And the beekeeping hat?
AP: Protection against projectiles. These boys on the floor, they’ll throw anything. Tomatoes, cans of corn, wagons.
NB: And what is the point of all this beyond humiliating you, of course?
AP: I don’t view it that way. It’s about Lankvillian morale– it’s about our long tradition of…

[Dr. Pondicherry was suddenly smashed in the back of the head by a crystal serving set. The interview had to be ended prematurely].

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