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An Interview with Ric Royer

Larry “God” Peters recently visited with Ric Royer at the Foontz-Flonnaise Home of Abundant Senselessness.

LP: I understand that you wish to be called by a new name.
RR: In the name of goodwill, it is best that I be known as Vapors.
RR: No.
LP: OK. Tell us your thoughts on the lockout.
RR: Cold weather calls for cozy accessories. Best to use a graphic scarf as a finishing touch.
LP: What has become of your mall house?
RR: I believe they turned it into a Teppo Numminen’s Baby Pantry. I get the circulars. Actually, I get three or four different ones a day– sometimes they shoot through my window as if pushed by someone who has climbed a ladder in order to gain admission to my room.
LP: Anything else?
RR: I saw that you pulled up in a station wagon. Do you have any soda in there?

(The interview ended in deep confusion)

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