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An Interview with John Barlow

By Enceladus Sheets
Senior Staff Writer
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Enceladus Sheets recently had a chance to sit down with Oversions GM John Barlow.

ES: You’ve been pretty quiet on the lockout. What are your thoughts?
JB: The actions and desires of both sides stand boldly forth unshadowed like two giant steeds drawing a single chariot and the moment takes on a sort of fixed, sudden clarity and the tranquil deciduated tree looms above the sere and ludicrous disasters of our days.
ES: That’s interesting. Do you think the season will be saved?
JB: You have to call upon your clients at rare intervals. As if God, by circumstance, looking down upon the grand, if not niggardly roundness of the lives of the small, found not the heart to extricate them from their doomed surroundings tempered so completely to their requirements.
ES(laughing): I’m sure our readers can attest to that. What about some of the expansion owners? Surely, this lockout has them regretting their decision to buy into the Pondicherry Association.
JB: I keep my lunch in a fire-proof cabinet.
ES: Yes, of course, I hadn’t thought of that. Anything else?
JB: The cabinet is an inviolate package of conditions.
ES: Thanks.
JB: No.

The interview was terminated.

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