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OPINION: The Pondicherry Association Hung Up On Us

By Two Pandas
Special Panda Correspondents
file photo

We call every day now. We are met with an effervescent voice on the line– the sort of friendly, bubbly female intonation that smacks of good cheer and high benevolence.

“We would like to speak to the commissioner or whoever is in charge at the moment,” we say (together).
“Of course,” she responds. “Who is calling?”
We pause.
“It’s the pandas.”

And we are immediately disconnected. We call again with the same result.

The Pondicherry Association hangs up on us.

A few days after our campaign, a crate was brought to our fetid yard. “It’s from the Pondicherry Association,” they said. We cracked it open excitedly. There, before us, was a stack of bamboo.

“They have helped us,” we said (together).

We took out sticks and gnawed on the edges. We were met with the taste of cold plastic.

“That’s not bamboo,” said the stooltaker. “That’s PVC pipes.”

We tossed it away into the corner of the yard and began the calls again.

But the Pondicherry Association just hung up on us.

Again and again.

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