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Brox Squats in Weeds With Some Things

By Brock Belvedere, Jr.
Senior Staff Writer
File photo

Condiments owner and Pondicherry Association News columnist Robin Brox recently squatted in weeds with some things sources are confirming.

“It was a very childlike moment,” Brox explained later.  “I saw the things and I squatted and then the things came over and I hugged them.  You know, it was alright.”

The incident occurred as the enigmatic owner and condiment magnate was removing trash from weedy areas at Buntz Mallows Discount Zoo to satisfy a recent court order.

Brox with the things.

Brox with the things.

“It’s been great having her here,” noted Zookeeper Fergie Pounder.  “Gosh, there’s so much trash in the weedy areas.  The other day we had a guy come in and just dump a couple of cans that he brought from home.  Then he walked back out to his car.  So yeah, she’s been a big help.”

Pounder suddenly turned the color of a bright tomato.  He was taken to a hospital and the interview ended prematurely.

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