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Catching Up with President Pondicherry

February 3, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

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By Larry “God” Peters
Far-Flung Areas Correspondent  Lankville Action News YES! Team

Larry “God” Peters had a chance to sit down with President Dr. Albert C. Pondicherry, Jr. in someone’s garage.

LP: Interesting venue.
AP: It serves its purpose. I like that the door is up and you can see out into the street.
LP: Let’s talk about Lankville. Were you present at the meeting about the rise of Challenges in the country?
AP: No. On my way to the hotel, I was rear-ended by a mysterious truck. I got out to exchange insurances and the driver threw a sack over my head, punched me repeatedly and shoved me in the back of a waiting sedan. I passed out for awhile and when I woke up I was in a hole, being buried alive.
LP: Sounds like quite a night!

President Pondicherry's official portrait.

President Pondicherry’s official portrait.

AP: Fortunately, two kindly men, who, for reasons unclear were visiting a graveyard in the middle of the night, came along and rescued me.
LP: Well, let’s get back to Lankville. We have some controversial things going on. Let’s start with business magnate Ric Royer living in a mall.
AP: Well, we simply can’t have that. We have a great number of young people and halfwits that simply cannot be exposed to that lifestyle.
LP: And what about the news that Inner Hammer disappeared into a cornfield?
AP: I’m fine with that.  Not everything can be explained analytically.
LP: Anything else of note.
AP: Yes. Someone tried to bury me alive.
LP: Alright, thanks a lot.

Peters suddenly terminated the interview.

  1. Wayne Sparklers
    February 3, 2014 at 7:20 am

    President Pondicherries [sic] has been a disaster for Lankville. He has tried to obstruct all of our great tycoons in their business endeavors that would have brought a lot of jobs to the country. Jobs like working in a small pizza factory– fresh-sealing those fine little small pizzas. There’s nothing wrong with fresh-sealing small pizzas. There’s nothing wrong with working at a plantain factory. That’s my thought but you should look at the oar I have and that beautiful sunset behind me.

  2. Edgar Rice Mountains
    February 4, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    Pondicherry is a SHIT

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