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OPINION: I Got Something You Can Check Twice

December 24, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments
By Del Midnight

By Del Midnight

Outstanding, Informative Opinions

Hey, Lankville. If you’re still making out your Christmas lists, I got something you can check twice.

Know what I’m saying?

I been both naughty and nice, in case you’re wondering. And I don’t just come to town once a year. Know what I’m saying?

And you sure as hell ain’t gonna’ be pouting over this thing– this thing that I said you could check twice earlier in my article. Nope, I think you’re gonna’ be real pleased with it. Might want to even put it on that list.

Yep, I’d say you better watch out about this thing.

Know what I’m saying?

Better watch out so you can check it twice.

The Lankville Daily News would like to apologize for the preceding article. It is not our policy to publish lewd articles.

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