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Madison to Introduce Unspaced Phrase Prefixes

December 24, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments
By Neil Cuppy

By Neil Cuppy


12-year old inventor Danny Madison will introduce his latest creation today at an Electronics Cranny Christmas gathering in downtown Lankville.

Danny Madison, creator.

Danny Madison, creator.

“Unspaced phrase prefixes,” said the wunderkind at a press conference yesterday. “They are a type of metastat tag allowing for faster electronic searches or “quests” as I like to call them. The unspaced phrase will have a label prefix which I’m putting finishing touches on today. Probably a smiley face or a pizza, something familiar and recognizable.”

Madison claims that the prefix will allow for the grouping of similarly tagged messages.

“Imagine a set of encyclopedias but instead of the information therein being about history, geography, anthropology– all the things that make up our existence, the set of encyclopedias would all be about, say, pizza. That is the power of these unspaced phrase prefixes.”

Madison pointed at a pizza on his workbench by means of illustrating his assertion.

The boy genius, whose handheld computational device “The Reckoner” has sold over a billion units in the past month, will be spending the holidays with his family.

“It will be a time of relaxation and candy but hopefully I’ll have time to knock out a few new inventions,” he noted.

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