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OPINION: I Sat Down. And then, Instantly, I Began to Sink into the Cube

January 30, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments
By an Unfortunate Man

By an Unfortunate Man


It was a white room full of stars, patches and a cube. There was a chair. It looked comfortable so I sat down. And then, instantly, I began to sink into the cube.

It lasted hours. A long transformative period inside the cube. There were great swaths of vermilion interlaced with thick globs of pallid ochre. And then I was reincarnated as a dispossessed god-figure struggling to re-establish my dominion in the far-future.

There was a great orb of a moon. It was very near and filled the night with radiance. And then they said, “stop looking at the moon velex* and step into the challenge polyhedron.”

There it was before me. A hideous, abominable polyhedron. I had no choice but to step inside.

I fought the other dispossessed god figures all night. I was the victor. Slowly, my hegemony would again be recognized.

*The author has informed us that “velex” is a synonym for “asshole” utilized only in the distant future.

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