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Schropp Releases “Breakfast Sandwich Boy”; Holds Book Signing

By Lloyd Byas-Kirk

By Lloyd Byas-Kirk


Brian Schropp has gained fame for his cuisine articles. Now he writes books too!

The Lankville Daily News columnist released his first collection of short stories on Saturday and held a book signing at Randy Pendleton’s Double Book Hut in the Deep Northern suburbs yesterday.

Attendance was reported as sparse although Schropp noted that “there were some people in the store”.

“I only signed a couple of books but that’s OK. Just getting the word out,” the newly-minted author averred.

Brian Schropp on Cuisine

Brian Schropp, author.

“I didn’t think he signed any,” said Randy Pendleton’s Double Book Hut employee Larry Klacik, who assisted in managing the event. “He was over in a distant corner of the store by the knitting section so maybe people didn’t notice him or something. But I know that he arrived with five copies and then one guy who had ordered the book online returned his copy directly to Brian so he left with six. Pretty sure he didn’t sign any.”

Schropp chalked the comment up to a misunderstanding.

“I think I signed at least ten,” he noted. “But it’s true, I left with more than I came with.”

Schropp began staring at a nearby throw tarp and we did not pursue the contradiction.

The collection “Breakfast Sandwich Boy” features two new stories never before published and a photograph of the author on the cover.

“He tried to give me a copy but I politely declined,” noted Klacik, a part-time employee at the Double Book Hut, who serves as assistant manager of the puzzle table. “I don’t read much about food and plus I was kind of drunk. But he was a nice enough guy.”

The book will be sold in selected bookshops throughout the Deep Northern Suburbs and will be available online and via the publisher.

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