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Oakes, Jr. to Publish Short Story Collection

By Larry “God” Peters


Lankville Daily News correspondent Dick Oakes, Jr. will publish his first collection of short stories. The book will be released on September 1st.

No Merit in It includes several pieces that have been published in past editions of the News.

Oakes, who was interviewed while squatting in a pebbly lot, noted that he is pleased with the collection.

No Merit in It: The Collected Stories of Dick Oakes, Jr.

No Merit in It: The Collected Stories of Dick Oakes, Jr.

“I thought those boys [at the publishing house] did a good job with it. I mean, I don’t fool none with computers or calculators so they had to type it up and everything. Come out nice.”

No Merit in It will be available for $19.99 in trade paperback and $39.99 for deluxe hardcover. Several copies will be signed by the author. Oakes will not be doing a book tour.

“At first we thought that maybe Dick could do a few signings at the store,” noted Randy Pendleton’s Double Book Hut employee Larry Klacik. “But we were told by his agent that he will likely be out-of-town or “incapacitated”, whatever that means. We offered them twenty different dates but none worked with Dick’s busy schedule.”

Klacik paused to adjust some puzzles which were bumped slightly out of place by a passing customer.

“We expect that the book will sell well,” added Klacik. “Everyone enjoys Dick’s funny stories.”

Oakes, who has been writing for the News since 1982, has won several trophies for his investigative reporting. He is also Lankville’s premier authority on the sport of Small Motel Girl Wrestling.

The book is the third to be published this year by the News, following two titles by noted cuisine writer Brian Schropp.

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