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Schropp Book Filth Says Local Activist

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Buck Igloos

Buck Igloos


Some people don’t like Brian Schropp’s new bestseller Breakfast Sandwich Boy and they’re making their voices heard.

Self-proclaimed “morality activist” Amanda Jennifers says that the book is “filth” and should be banned from stores.

“The book contains bad language, sexual congress, bumpkins and pizza– all the things we are trying to teach our children to avoid,” said Jennifers, who gave a short speech before a small lectern this afternoon. “All of these things are decaying the moral threads of Lankville.”

“Kids are buying this filth, passing it around in locker rooms and by wooded areas and are becoming converted to this freewheeling pizza lifestyle,” Jennifers added.

Lankville University Press, Schropp’s publisher, issued a short statement.

Schropp's new book causing a rumpus.

Schropp’s new book causing a rumpus.

Breakfast Sandwich Boy is an honest depiction of an alternative lifestyle. We have no intention of censoring it.

The author, interviewed during a break from his shift at the Pizza A-Round, said he was saddened that some people were offended.

“I write from the heart, from a good place inside the heart, a place of brightness. I am lusciously sorry that anyone was offended,” said Schropp.

The 266-page collection, culled from stories originally published in The Lankville Daily News became a bestseller in its first week.

“It’s been on our “staff picks” shelf the whole time,” said Larry Pendleton’s Double Book Hut employee Larry Klacik, who was intoxicated. “Everyone always looks forward to a new book from Brian.”

Jennifers says she will take her argument all the way to President Pondicherry if necessary.

“This is a new moral movement in Lankville. We will prevail.”

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