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The Lankville Daily News Guide to Fall Fashion

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By Hayley Brooke Reagan Caitlyn Jones, Fashion Attache

By Hayley Brooke Caitlyn Reagan-Jones, Fashion Attache

It’s fall now, which qualifies as a Lankville holiday in my book. There is nothing more exciting than kicking off the season of cozy sweaters, flannels, bonfires and leaves. As the temperature drops, let’s take a look at the five fall fashion trends that I just can’t live without!

1. Felt Hats

The Pumpkin Fedora from Cabbages Boy.

The Pumpkin Fedora from Cabbages Boy.

Spotted on the runways of Maison Maison, Cabbages Boy and Christians La Crux, you would be mad as a hatter to not doff one of these giant felt hats this season! Summery styles like floppy hats, fedoras and straw-boaters get a seasonal upgrade with warmer materials like felt, wool, and Island panels. My pick: this oversized pumpkin fedora with rare Island turkey feathers from Cabbages Boy. The neutral colors and structured shape compliment nearly every fall look (except strong blues, watery oranges, lime greens and most pinks. $295, $310 for larger heads.

2. Blanket Scarves

Fashion over function is banished to the attic with this fall trend. Blanket scarves combine popular prints like plaid or Outlands checkerboard with warm wool to create the epic cold weather accessory. Added bonus: they are incredibly versatile and can be used as a waist or groin scarf, shoulder poncho or even an actual blanket at your next fall bonfire! My pick is the Blanket Scarf with Sheet and Pillow from Christians La Crux. With a velcro band along the collar– you can attach your pillow (included at additional price) for that quick, sudden nap or…ahem…intimate moment! The sheet even folds up– put it back in your pocket and go! $125, $150 for larger necks. Washable.

The Pyramid Sweater from

The Pyramid Sweater from Hermes Kenny.

3. The Pyramid Sweater

For many Lankvillians, fall means that yearly trip to see the Great Pyramids. And nothing says “a monumental structure with a square or triangular base and sloping sides that meet in a point at the top” than the Pyramid Sweater from Hermes Kenny. It’s the ultimate in “boyfriend sweaters” featuring what Hermes Kenny calls “The Three B’s”– “bulky, banded, and ribbed.” My pick is the “desert sand” color (pictured). $125, $175 for larger necks. Sizes- Medium to XL.

4. Tassel Accessories

According to the Lankville Daily News Gazette of Fashion (industry trade magazine only), tassel earrings have made an elephantine comeback this season after being spotted in the fall collections of Hams by Vitiello and Claudell de la Washington. The elegant but shocking tassel shape brings flare, drama, and slight fear to any outfit, but my personal take on the trend is an extremely chunky tassel necklace with additional erratic ultraviolet laser tassels attached to my belt loops. The jangling and the firing of intermittent tassel lasers is sure to turn heads all autumn long!

Sweaters with vehicles on them.

Sweaters with vehicles on them.

$45 each, $60 for “hippy” women.

5. Sweaters with Vehicles on Them

The latest craze out of the Lankville capital last month was sweaters with vehicles on them. Already, we’ve seen them in the fall collections of Underground Penny, DEBBIE! and Gourds by David (unfortunately, Gourds by David sweaters are exclusively for gourds). My pick: “On the Bus” by DEBBIE! (sweater has a bus on it). $175, $200 for larger heads.

Hopefully, my guide will you give you some ideas as we head into what experts are predicting will be a cold and often deadly autumn!

Hayley Brooke Caitlyn Reagan-Jones appears courtesy of The Lankville Daily News Gazette of Fashion. She maintains an online digital workstation, a community garden and an urban restoration organization. 

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