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Who is the Man From Across the Wall?

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Thoughts...by Lance Blankenship

Thoughts…by Lance Blankenship

All of Craughing is waiting. Waiting to find out the identity of the man from across the wall.

Just this morning, I traveled down to Panda Barrier Island to meet with several high-level gentlemen from the refinery– the one where they refine water from the gulf and then dump it back into the gulf in jars for reasons not entirely clear. If you’ve ever traveled along the Memory Pool Trail, you’ll know the one.

Many of the men were afraid. “We’ve taken to locking our doors at night,” said one. “We never locked our doors before even when someone was staying over and sleeping on an air mattress right in the front room.” The men began talking about air mattresses. “The flocked top eliminates the need for sheets,” said one. “I like the extra-wide opening on the valve,” said another, who left the room shortly thereafter following a moment of pure awkwardness as refined as that aforementioned gulf water.

Well, we know what men in factories think. What about the women? I spoke with one (we’ll call her Daisy) who keeps house at a Panda Barrier Island motel.

“We’ve been told to keep an eye out,” said the redheaded Daisy, whose ebullient disposition is known far and wide in these parts. “I just can’t imagine what he wants with little old Craughing. We keep to ourselves, we don’t get involved in these sort of international multicultural sort of things.”

“Fuck him,” Daisy added, after a long pause.

And so the ladies have chimed in. Well, now it’s Lance Blankenship’s turn.

I think we need to be patient. I think we need to allow the gentle hand of justice to reach out, to cup this individual, whoever he may be. We need to show him our big flaming beacon of hope– many of our big flaming beacons of hope, even. It need not just be one beacon. We need to show him reason. And most of all, we need to show him love.



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