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Photo of Schropp in Tux Fetches Big Price at Auction

Bobby Pinewood

By Bobby Pinewood

A rare photo of Lankville Daily News contributor Brian Schropp wearing a tuxedo fetched a high price at an auction held last night in the Central Lankville Showy Suburban Area, sources are confirming.

The $90,000 photograph.

The $90,000 photograph.

A noted collector is believed to have paid $90,000 for the image.

“It’s the only known photo of Schropp wearing a tuxedo. And he looks really miserable. Everyone just loved it,” said auctioneer Brad Arrangements.

An event photographer snapped the famous image at a 1995 wedding.

“I remember being somewhat displeased with the culinary offerings,” Schropp noted in an interview held outside the Pizza A-Round late last night. “It is falsely assumed that pizza does not belong at a wedding. My entire life’s work has been about contesting this stilted worldview.”

Schropp paused to watch some trash suddenly blow in from the east.

“I am lusciously delighted though that somebody would pay that much for my picture. I have a number of other pictures that people might like. There are a lot of shots of my Dad and I sitting around various birthday cakes. Perhaps they would be of interest?”

After a pause to watch more trash blow in from the east, Schropp was told they would not be of interest.

“Well, it’s still a delight,” the food critic averred.

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