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The Power of Tolerable by Brian Schropp


Brian Schropp is not to be confused with Lankville Daily News columnist Brian Schropp or UFOlogist Brian Schropp.

Please take out your notebooks now and turn to page 26.

In this lesson, you can learn greatness and eventually you may be great.

But that is setting a very high bar. Can you achieve that?


So, strive for being tolerable (turn to page 33).

Tune in to my show “The Power of Tolerable” beginning Tuesday nights at 9PM on Cable Network 152 (Network 27 in the Islands). Complete exercises 5-21 beforehand and have them ready as you watch the show. We will go through each section, lay out a plan of action for each and then you will hand in your notebooks via the special slot on your television (a Danny Madison Vision Marauder HD-Portal TV is required to complete this dispatch). I will grade each section and return them to you within one business day. There are no additional materials to purchase.

Each of us has within him the power to be tolerable. Join me now.

I’ll be by the pond.

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