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First Annual Vitiello Decorative Ham Plate Contest: ENTER NOW!

January 10, 2014 Leave a comment



Vitiello Decorative Hams, Inc. is sponsoring their First Annual Ham Plate Contest. The winner will receive the plate pictured (food entirely decorative) and two tickets to the CAPADES. “This is an excellent opportunity for the no-purpose little people to win something that will look presentable on their gouged and unpolished non-wood tables,” noted founder and CEO Chris Vitiello. “It’s a new product we’ve been working on, a $250 value. And then there is also this capade business which I’m sure will entertain the sort of unsophisticated mind that enters contests in the first place,” Vitiello added.

To enter, use the form below and include two letters of recommendation, a personal statement, a statement of intent and a photographic ID to:

Vitello Hams
Box 14
Lankville, Capitol 0412

# of Hams in Home______________ (if answer is none, you will be visited by Mr. Vitiello)


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