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Paul E. Turtlott Claimed by Death

July 24, 2014 2 comments
By Brock Belvedere Senior Staff Writer

Brock Belvedere Senior Staff Writer


Death has claimed the life of Paul E. Turtlott, former mayor of Lankville’s Northern Hole Area, the Turtlott family is confirming. Turtlott was 84.

Paul E. Turtlott has died.

Paul E. Turtlott has died.

Mr. Turtlott was born in the town of Roogs in 1930 to Steve E. Turtlott and Mary Turtlott, nee Jones. He obtained a law degree from the Small University of Eastern Lankville in 1954 and ran the Turtlott and Turtlott Law Firm with his younger brother Jimmy Turtlott until 1962 when the elder Turtlott sought office.

Turtlott held the post of mayor of the Northern Hole Area from 1963-1978.

“Turtlott was a great mayor,” said former associate Jackie Pears, now 78. “Turtlott had a lot going for him and people in the Northern Hole Area liked Turtlott. Turtlott was their man in a lot of ways. They used to say, “Turtlott is for the People” and I think that’s very true about Paul E. Turtlott.”

Funeral services will be held at the Vast Tabernacle for Expeditious Prayer in the Northern Hole Area on Friday. Turtlott will be interred on Saturday at Buntz Mallows Memorial Cemetery. He is survived by his wife Eleanor Turtlott and his children Steve Turtlott, Drane Turtlott and Gladys Milton nee Turtlott.

“We’ve lost a prodigal son in Turtlott,” noted current Northern Hole mayor Rick “The Dragon” Micks, who was interviewed while pushing his tray along a tubular cafeteria slide and staring at food options through a smudged sneeze guard. “The Turtlott name is no small thing in the Northern Hole Area. So, we’ll see how these mashed potatoes turn out and call it a day.”

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