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Older Man Stands by Side of House

July 12, 2016 Leave a comment
By Otis Nixon

By Otis Nixon


Mr. Crowley standing outside by the side of his house.

Mr. Crowley standing outside by the side of his house.

An older man has been standing by the side of his house, sources are confirming.

Gordy Crowley, 72, of the Southern Swamplands, was first spotted at the side of his house this morning at 7:30.

“I saw him, sure,” said a neighbor who refused to be identified. “I was eating breakfast and reading a technology magazine and he came out and just started standing there.”

Crowley has been standing in the same position by the side of the house for nearly two hours.

“Physically, he’s fine,” noted Detective Gee-Temple who was the first to arrive at the scene. “I observed him for awhile from behind a nearby tree and I saw no signs of stroke, rabies or any sort of lunacy. We believe that he’s fine.”

Calls placed to the Crowley home went unanswered.

“That’s probably because Mr. Crowley is standing outside by the side of the house,” Gee-Temple opined.

Crowley is a retired fire station associate.  He spent 37 years in that capacity.

“He was not a fireman but he had a strong association with the fire station,” said Captain Lance Wilcox of the Southern Swamplands Fire Department, who was interviewed by phone.

No further information was available at press time.

“We’re monitoring the situation,” Gee-Temple commented.

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