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Distant Farms Machinery Auction: April 13th

March 30, 2017 Leave a comment

Distant Farms in the Lankville Greater Outlands will be holding a machinery auction on Thursday, April 13, 2017 beginning at 4 PM. Take Route 71 to Route 33, use the Outlands Overpass (exiting on left), go through THE TUNNEL and then make a quick right onto Rural Route 5, making sure to cross the first set of railroad tracks but NOT the second. Make another left at the fence post, go through the signal light by the shuttered linen store and the farms will be on the left just beyond the hedge maze. Look for the mailbox labeled “The Cravitz Family”.

SELLING: Lankville Harvester 1021 tractor, 38″ rubber; Miltons/Binders 4040 tractor, 30″ rubber, needs tires; Vitiello and Company 574 decorative ham harvester; Neptune 8N w/ high speed trans but no tires; Huge Trojan 166 payloader with no tires; Lankville Harvester 570 baler with heads, hydro tension control, applicator, & 55 kicker; Miltons/Binders 770 chopper (no tires); Badger 3310 chopper (tires removed); Lurking Murderer Harvester 6000; Lankville Harvester 711 1 row chopper (2nd row extra); Lot of (2) Huge Trojan 439 haybines; Lot of (2) Neptune 658 manual rakes; Habawnik Gourd Caresser 625; Fehr AJ600 ledder cobalts; (3) Pendleton SU wagons but no tires, 2 need augers; Steel bsket wagon; steel basket rack; steel basket; steel work pants; steel jumper; steel hop cords;  Stoltzfus 52′ feeder wagon (no tires); Mueller 1800 gallon bulk, #52118-A;  plus bars, hand tools, signs, rods, pins, folders, misc parts and more!

TERMS: Cash (Lankville dollars), Check, Money Order, Barlow Credit. 10% buyer’s premium, 3% discount for cash or check. Nothing to be removed until settled for. All items sold “AS IS”! 

You Deserve a Presentation Oar

April 28, 2015 Leave a comment
By Floyd Tingley

By Floyd Tingley


Winter is over. Spring is here. And now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a Tingley Presentation Oar.

A Tingley Presentation Oar is the best presentation oar.

A Tingley Presentation Oar is the best presentation oar.

If you’re like me (and I think you are), you work hard to keep your lawn in perfect order, your tool bench clean and boned with flaxseed oil and your carpets steam-cleaned. Take a moment to present yourself with a little gift– a presentation oar from Tingley Presentation Oars that will look perfect in your den, club basement, boat, or rented room. Pick up two and you got yourself a tableau. Pick up three and…well, let’s just say that no customer of mine has EVER regretted picking up three and we’ll end it at that.

Right now, we’re having a “Spring Presentation Oar Sale”. You pay $195 for your first oar and just $175 for the second. Want more than two (as we discussed before)? I’m not even going to publish the price for additional oars– it’s just THAT LOW.

How can I afford to give these oars away at these prices? Because I know that once you buy a Tingley Presentation Oar from me, you will keep coming back for all your presentation oar needs. A Tingley presentation oar is the best presentation oar.

You can write me: Tingley Little Presentation Oars, 55 Knobs, South Lankville, 2-111. Serious inquiries only. Be sure to inquire soon– there’s gonna be a waiting list as long as both your arms and your right leg at these prices.

The opinions of Mr. Tingley are not necessarily the opinions of The Lankville Daily News and its subsidiaries.

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