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OPINION: The Pondicherry Association is Spying On Us

January 9, 2013 Leave a comment

By Two Pandas
Special Panda Correspondents
file photo

They have a long tube that they inserted into one of the wood slats. “It’s for drainage possibilities,” the man said.
The next day, when we examined the tube, we found a large eye at the other end.

It’s googly with a faint tinge of red. It remained there all day. We moved to the other side of the yard.

The Pondicherry Association is spying on us.

Sometimes, we can hear typing– a faint click-clack of a keyboard. We know now that daily reports are being submitted. We know not where.

Occasionally, late at night, we are awakened by the sound of pneumatic tubes. There is a sudden whoosh and then a whirr, then silence. Then, generally, someone is shot nearby.

But the googly eye remains. It grows redder by the day. We think it has grown mad.

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