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Chimney: 1955-2013

By Hugh G. Pickens
Crime Beat Reporter
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Investigators fence off the sidewalk outside of Boffo Periods.

Pondicherry Association News reporter “The Chimney” was killed last night.  The journalist was 57.

“The Chimney” was reportedly involved in a series of incidents outside an East Lankville nightclub.  Police were involved.

“Witnesses reported that he was in a progressively agitated state throughout the evening,” noted Detective Gee-Temple, who responded to the scene.  “His condition was worsened by an enormous intake of alcohol and we found quite a hefty amount of island narcotics in his system.  He refused to leave the nightclub despite numerous requests from ownership.”

“He started smashing glasses and taking the shards of glass and slicing people,” stated Reg Sunnies, who has owned and operated Boffo Periods Nightclub since 2008.  “Then, he started slicing himself.  Then, he got inappropriate with some of the ladies.  That’s when we bounced him.”

“The Chimney” was involved in a standoff with police around 2:15 A.M., after refusing to move from the front sidewalk of Boffo Periods.

“We asked him to leave and he said no,” stated Gee-Temple.  “So, we shot him 17 times.”

“The Chimney” was hired this week after reporting on events in Lankville for 23 years.  He was recently divorced from his wife and is survived by a cot, a wicker hamper and some tools.

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