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Meet the Players of the Pondicherry Baseball Association Division of Leagues

By John Pizzo
2nd Baseman, Outer Depths Wipers
File photo

I’m what you might possibly call a “catch and throw” guy.  Always been able to handle the double-play ball, grounders that are nearby, pop-ups.  I was a good hitter in high school but then I got to the Lankville Indoor League and I started to struggle a bit.  Eventually, they just kind of stopped allowing me to hit.  They kept me on the roster, they just never let me hit.  Not in batting practice or anything.  They even took all my bats away.  The equipment manager said, “Sorry John.  We’re not ordering any more bats for you.  EVER.”

When the Outer Depths Wipers went from an Indoor club to a big-league club, I was signed pretty quick.  They gave me a bat for this picture but then they took it away again.  I think I’ve made the adjustments though and I predict I’ll be a good hitter once again.  I think I can hit .300 even, maybe steal a few bases.  They never let me steal bases either.

I look forward to playing outdoor ball at Depths Facial Tissue Plaza.  It’s a beautiful facility.  Wish I had a locker.

Pizzo’s Career Statistics

Yr Club G Ab R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB AVG
09 Outer Depths (Indoor) 25 103 11 24 2 1 0 4 1 .233
09 Outer Depths (Indoor) 124 403 32 91 8 0 0 15 1 .226
10 Outer Depths (Indoor) 82 155 10 27 3 0 1 14 2 .174
11 Outer Depths (Indoor) 55 51 4 11 1 0 0 0 1 .216
12 Outer Depths (Indoor) 56 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
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