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Oral Histories of Some Former Lankville Pugilists

Curt “High-Socks” Vogel  (1967-1975, 33W-16L, 14KO)


Curt “High-Socks” Vogel today.

They used to put on these short movies and they’d have cartoons and then they’d roll out a boxing ring and I’d fight.  Maybe 4, maybe 5 rounds.  Got to be where I’d beat up pretty good on these guys they’d bring in so after awhile I got a manager name of Brisbane.  It don’t matter what his first name was.

Brisbane would get me these fights they’d stage in hotel rooms.  They’d rent a hotel room for a weekend and they’d bring a boxing ring in piece by piece by the back stairs.  So, I did that awhile.  Then Brisbane started getting me these fights in museums.  They’d have some security guard that’d let us in and we’d set up a ring between a bunch of dinosaurs or something.

Finally, I said to Brisbane, “Look, whyn’t you get me a proper fight.  Why are we always having these fights in these weird places?”  He had no answer to that so I let him go.  That’s when I turned professional.

My first legitimate fight was against Whitt.  He was a great fighter, of course, a champion, but by then he was finished.  I knocked him out in the 4th.  A bunch of managers courted me after that and I got a lot of newspaper attention.  I hooked up with Billy “Noodles” Sears and he got me a lot of big fights after that.

I was always willing to fight.  I never feared nobody.  But the champions, they wouldn’t fight me.  Said I was dirty.  I admit it now, I’d punch guys in the sack a lot.  I’d usually do it real early in a fight before the ref could do anything about it.  Usually, like ten seconds in.  I knew they wouldn’t want to call a fight after ten seconds, so I’d usually just get a warning.  I harmed a lot of guys that way though.

My last fight was in ’75 against Roog Yount.  Roog was young then, real fast with a hell of an uppercut.  He knocked me out in two rounds.  So, I hung it up.  I knew I was finished.

Ended up buying a little wood counter with a cubby hole for mail in back of it.  I run a good business.  It pays the bills.

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