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Royer’s Madcap Experiences: Orion Revisted (Part III)

By Ric Royer
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It grew dark up there in that room above the forlorn diner.

She had fallen asleep.  There was a little television and I turned it on to nothing but static.  Out of boredom, I started pulling up the carpet with some tongs that I found in a bureau drawer. Came up pretty easily.  I shoved the pieces out a window and onto the roof.

She woke up after a few hours.

“When’s your boy coming home?” I asked.  I was a little worried.  You never know what you’re getting with a mental.

“Who, Dave?”

“Yeah, whatever.”  I feigned disinterest.

“He’s not.  He makes the bread sticks in the morning and then leaves.  We don’t speak.”

“He makes a damn good bread stick.  I’ll give him that.”  I spat cockily on the floor.

“He’s angry with me over this graffiti artist who moved off to the Islands.”

“I get it, baby.  I don’t get angry over that kind of stuff.”  I started to move in again but she got up quickly and lit another cigarette.  I was forced to pretend to be interested in the pillows.  I fluffed them accordingly.

“You should go.  Get a flight back to Lankville.  There’s no hope for anyone here.”

I thought about it.  The Jew wouldn’t be happy.  He wanted those pictures of the cow-eyed girls.  The Jew usually got what he wanted too.  I had an idea.

“Hey, how about posing for some shots for me?  We can frill up the place, you know, class it up.”

“I need to see about the diner.  We had a clumsy patron who kept spilling sauces all over the place.  It’s down there congealing, I can feel it.”

I listened to her walk slowly down the staircase.  For a second, I thought about trashing the room but came to my senses.

Then I placed a collect call to Lankville City.

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