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Royer’s Madcap Experiences: My Experiences with Dwight

September 17, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Ric Royer
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 I first met Dwight Callender outside of a large retail outlet. He was sitting on one of the red concrete balls that ring the entranceway. There were a number of carelessly-left shopping carts and they were pressing up against the red concrete balls in a manner that was both inconvenient for the passersby and slightly lewd. I found that I could not pass my overloaded cart through any of the ball bulwarks and it became necessary for me to ask this stranger to step aside.  I’ll never forget what he did then– dressed in his grease-stained denim western shirt, velour pants and wide-brimmed cowboy hat that snapped up the side for easy access to the hair. He threw me into the street in a most efficacious manner, then pushed my cart over to wear I lay, and dumped its contents unceremoniously across my backside.After that, though, we became fast friends. He took me back to his homestead in Old Plains, Lankville– little more than a cheap lean-to that was battered constantly by prairie winds and here I became entranced by his sister who was called X14F after the fashion.I took X14F on a ride up to Pounder Point. We listened to the nearby country station which came in faintly from the east and X14F occasionally paused to receive a mysterious transmission and print it out on a device that was attached to her side. Then, a creature that was part gryphon would arrive to spirit the print-out away to places unknown to me.  Dwight told me later all about that.

“The gryphon builds a little nest and puts the messages there,” he said. Then, he spat in the dirt.

I eventually got around to proposing to X14F (with Dwight’s permission of course) but she turned me down.  I was given one of those printouts by way of explanation but I couldn’t understand it. It was a lot of letters and numbers mixed together. I showed it to Dwight one time when we were sitting under the bug-zapper in the back yard.

“Um hmm,” he said.

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