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Our Man in America: Tips for the Lankville Traveler

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Glass House Restaurant, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
glass house

The Lankville Daily News is lusciously thrilled beyond measure to present a new series of travel tips from our correspondent in America.

By Rance Fenanigans
American Correspondent

Rance Fenanigans

Rance Fenanigans

The famous Glass House restaurant in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois (midwestern America) is known for its gigantic lollipop display; the discerning Lankville traveler will certainly want to make a stop here.

“I got the lollipop idea from how they have lollipops at the candy stores,” noted Glass House restaurant owner Jerry Yokely, who purchased the establishment in 1979.  “I went out to the woodshed one night, put on a record of little jokes and built up that tree that you see there.  The trees got them little holes in it and you slide the lollipop shafts in there.  I rounded out the holes pretty good and generally the shafts go right in pretty easy.”

Yokely spat in the dirt.

The Glass House restaurant features an array of tempting American food– pancakes and waffles for breakfast, hamburgers and pepperonis for lunch and a full menu of dinner options.  “We don’t got anything fancy– just food for Americans,” Yokely noted proudly.  “And we’re located just off Interstate 41,” he added mysteriously.

Don Flesh of Urbana is a Glass House regular.  “Oh, I just love it.  The waitresses are kind, friendly, bosomy and motherly and there is carpet.”

Flesh paused and then suddenly screamed and had to be taken away.

“We got good girls here,” added Yokely, who spat in the dirt again.  “We got an ample parking lot.  Look at them phone booths over there.  Plenty of options for the patrons.”

The Glass House is certified by the American Car League and is open 7 days.

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