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A History of Lankville

January 26, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Rufus Potts
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The first peoples of Lankville were primitive cavemen who fashioned mean stone tools to fend off dragons.  When this was accomplished, they thought they had it easy but BOY! were they wrong.  Because then the dinosaurs came.  Archaeological evidence has proven that early man was down to just 62 people after the dinosaurs appeared.  Thankfully, they knew about intercourse.  And then the Ice Age came along.

Early map of "Lankville Town".  Cartographer unknown.

Early map of “Lankville Town”. Cartographer unknown.

Most historians will not speculate as to how man survived the Ice Age.  But my research has indicated that they built towers.  Some of these towers can still be seen deep in the woods but you have to know where you’re going.  I give tours occasionally.  I have tremendous stamina.

“Lankville Town” appeared in the medieval ages.  This was during the beginning of the Pirrapodian Dynasty.  This was also about the time that they put wheels on carts and

The history suddenly ended.

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