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Designer Decorative Ham Line “Christo” Walks Runway

January 28, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

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By Lance Pepsid
Special Fashion Correspondent

Only days after announcing a series of special spring loafs, innovator Chris Vitiello unveiled his new designer decorative ham line “Christo” before an appreciative crowd at fashion week here in Lankville City.

Model sports a Kenzo Ham Dress.  Meat outfits are evidently huge this year.

Model sports a Kenzo Ham Dress. Meat outfits are evidently huge this year.

The line of twelve different decorative hams were carted down the runway by models, clad in ham-inspired outfits designed by many leading lights of fashion including Kinnith Coles, Christians La-Crux, Dolce Porches, and Hermes Kenzo.

Vitiello, who sat in the front row sporting a specially-designed haute couture bedsheet with a large “whip pocket”, smiled mildly throughout the show.

“The important thing was getting the message out there,” the magnate and hockey executive said later. “But it was difficult to sit amongst this aggregation of little whores without wanting to whip everyone senseless and end this garish, profane exposition of visual prattle with one crack of the whip.”

Vitiello left quickly and issued no further statement.

“I thought “Christo” was just tres chic,” said noted designer and critic Cabbages Boy. “I can definitely see the hams becoming deluxe and underground and a common accessory. I saw the first ham and I thought– PURSE!” added Cabbages Boy in a homosexual manner.

Further reviews of “Christo” are expected in the fashion magazines later this month.

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