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From Where I Sit…by Joe Marsh

Joe Marsh2Bob Roberts mowed his lawn early Saturday morning. Then, he sat on the porch and watched Fred Hardy mow his grass.

The Roberts and Hardy properties border one another with no hedge or fence between them. So, when Bob notices that Fred had left a four-foot strip unmowed along the boundary, he walks over and asks why.

“That’s your land, Roberts,” says Hardy. “Mine ends here. See, it lines up with that oak tree over there across the street.”

Bob thought it was a lie. So, they walked up and down the street in the midday sun, looking for the surveyor’s marker. Where did they find it? Well, that’s the funny part of our story! It was right in the middle of their “no man’s land”.

Well, they both grin and pat each other on the back and then they take turn’s finishing the job and then return to Bob’s porch for a nice glass of cold chunky peaches drink.

From where I sit, a little searching around for the truth of a matter often shows that the other fellow is as much right as you are– at which point the whole thing doesn’t seem all that important anyway.




This has been another edition of “From Where I Sit” by Joe Marsh

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  1. Leon Pettite
    July 24, 2014 at 9:48 am

    This is a nice article. So many articles in your paper are about getting beheaded or about hams. It’s important to remember the extremely gentle, humorous side of life.

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