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From Where I Sit…by Joe Marsh

Joe Marsh2

Joe “Cup and Saucer” Fisher- who just retired after 47 years on the Southern Lankville Railroad- was telling about a salesman who was often one of his passengers.

“That man was so busy,” said “Cup and Saucer”, “he used to bring a taping recorder [sic] on the train to catch up on his letters. On one trip, he’d been rushing around so much that he clean forgot to bring his ticket. Left it on his desk.”

When “Cup and Saucer” started to tell him not to worry about the ticket, the salesman burst out with, “who’s worried about the ticket? It’s just that now I don’t know what city I was going to get off at!”

Of course, we all fell off our sitting logs laughing.

Who knows if “Cup and Saucer” was pulling our leg but from where I sit, lots of us get so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget “where we’re going”. Some folks even get so narrow-minded that they even begrudge their neighbors the right to enjoy a glass of dangerous woods liquor now and then. Let’s not forget that just as trains run on steam and oil, democracies run on freedom and tolerance!


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