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Mystery Blaze Scorches Residence

By McGriff Key

By McGriff Key



Mrs. Max Rudolph returned home yesterday to find her house filled with smoke and the interior of her kitchen charred by fire.

The cupboards were black, windows broken and the blinds and curtains burned.

“She had some door chimes over the door and they were melted completely off,” noted Sergeant Paul Sorrento of the East Lankville Fire Department, who was the first to respond to the scene. “She keeps a Christmas tree up all year and the angel at the top was melted into a funny-looking glob but otherwise the tree was unharmed. We were pleased with that.”

Ms. Max Rudolph, beloved for her Christmas villages.

Ms. Max Rudolph, beloved for her Christmas villages.

Although the entire home was damaged by smoke, Sergeant Sorrento expects a speedy cleanup.

“I mean, she won’t be holding no fancy dinners with little frilly lace doilies and them red spray-painted god damn pine cones around a candle, but it’ll get done. Those guys are professionals.”

The origins of the fire are unknown although firefighters noted that business mogul Ric Royer was standing across the street during the entire incident.

“I just happened to be walking by with my pets,” Royer answered when asked. He was not observed to have any pets with him.

Mrs. Rudolph is well-known in these parts for her beautiful illuminated ceramic Christmas villages which she houses in her basement and displays in various Lankville department stores over the holidays.

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