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When You’re Ramping it Up with Big Chips, You Don’t Need No Safety Net


By BIG CHIPS, Special Correspondent

When you’re out ramping it up with Big Chips, you don’t need no safety net.  What you need is a big barrel of OPEN MIND, a loving, flowing elixir of OPEN MIND to wash all over you, man.

I was out the other night with “The Cut” and “The Cut” said, “Yo, let’s go sit in the hilly parking lot and look out over the housing development.”  And I thought, “man, this guy is like a wizard”.  So, we scored a couple of packs of Dew Kitchens and three or four cow’s tails and drove on out there and watched the sunset.  Distantly, you could see a Dad standing around in his driveway with a limp hose.  “Look at that guy man,” “The Cut” said.  “He’s got the whole exquisite dream right there in his hand.”  I thought about asking what he was talking about but then I just said, “Yeah, yo.  It’s beautiful” and turned the map light on for effect.

When I got home, the Old Man was there.  “What’d you do today, Big Chips?” he said.  “I exposed myself to exquisite beauty,” I responded.  “Oh, that’s always good,” he said.  “I mean, I worked all day in an overheated office but, whatever.”  He went upstairs and turned on the clock radio.  That’s the kind of life he leads.

Because he’s always been afraid to ramp it up with Big Chips.

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