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Council Delays Street Closing, Dumping Request; Calls Meeting

By Bernie Keebler Senior Staff Writer

By Bernie Keebler
Senior Staff Writer



A special meeting of the Lankville Heights City Council will be held today at 1:30 p.m. to consider a local pizza restaurant’s request to close segments of three streets.

Pizza Star, owned by longtime resident Randy Simmons (white), has also requested permission to dump pizzas into the city sewer system.

Pizza Star: Waiting

Pizza Star: In Limbo

“We have about 200, maybe 300 pizzas that are just sitting around, not doing anybody any good,” noted Simmons. “So, we just want to close the roads for a little while and shove them down into the sewers. It’s just a small thing really that’s turned into a big, bureaucratic mess.”

Simmons’ request had initially been upheld by the Council’s Traffic and Safety Commission but was then overturned by the City Council. Simmons immediately appealed.

“I mean, I’ve been shoving pizzas into the sewer system for years,” noted the embattled restaurateur, who has operated Pizza Star since 1981. “I don’t see what the problem is. I’ve shoved everything in there– flat sodas, old chairs, worn-out delivery bags. It’s my right as a taxpayer.”

Councilman Murray Bannerman noted that today’s meeting is just normal procedure.

“We’ve had some situations in the past where residents were unable to use the water in their homes or in their outside hose arrangements,” noted Bannerman, who was interviewed while examining condiment options at a local fast food establishment. “In many of these cases, it has been pizzas that have been blocking access to the water. We’re not saying that [Mr. Simmons] won’t be able to dump the pizzas, we just need to make sure that the last dumping of pizzas has been cleared.”

Simmons stated that his faith in local government has been shaken.

“I’ve seen people break open the tops of sewers and push old cars right down in there,” he noted. “You can’t tell me that 400 to 500, maybe 700 pizzas are gonna’ make any difference.”

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