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Car Pushed Over

By Linwood Probert

By Linwood Probert



A car was pushed over, sources are reporting.

“Some kids got on one side of the car and pushed it over,” said witness Kirk Brocky, 35, of the Outlands. “It’s upside down right now in someone’s yard.”

Police have not been able to identify the car’s owner or the kids.

A car is pushed over by some kids (reenactment).

A car is pushed over by some kids (reenactment).

“Nah, nothing, no information on that,” stated Detective Gee-Temple. “Some kids pushed it over. The car. That’s all we have.”

Brocky, who is unmarried, said he witnessed the crime from a distance.

“I was in the weedy area behind the harness race track. It was from a distance. But they did push the car over,” he noted.

Brocky, who is also unemployed and chubby, said that the kids were wearing light jackets.

“They had light jackets on, like windbreakers. And then they pushed the car over.”

When asked what happened next, Brocky seemed confused.

“They…just pushed the car over. And then I went to the payphone to call police.”

When asked if he had exact change or whether he had to break a dollar, Brocky noted that he had “exact change”.

The incident is currently being investigated.

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