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County Fair Declared Outstanding

Mrs. Larry Temple

Mrs. Larry Temple



The Eastern Lankville County Fair was declared outstanding, sources are now confirming.

“Much credit is due to the Fair Board for their time and effort spent in arranging the events and exhibits,” noted county executive Gus Tolleson, who was interviewed in a dimly-lit office which was filled with mysterious packed boxes. “They really outdid themselves this year,” Tolleson added.

Large crowds attended a series of pig races on both days and the midway was reported “packed” on Saturday night. “It was a peaceful event,” noted Detective Gee-Temple, who spearheaded security, which included thirty fully-armed men, fifteen tanks, and a pack of semi-wild dogs. “We had a few challenges we had to break up but otherwise it was a lot of fun,” the intrepid detective declared.

Eastern Lankvillians enjoy the fair.

Eastern Lankvillians enjoy the fair.

The marked increase in exhibitions, livestock, and bagatelles indicate that the county fair will become more popular with each successive year.

“The Board is always looking at ways to improve the fair,” noted Tolleson, after several mysterious individuals in jumpsuits began removing the packed boxes from his office. An eldritch presence suddenly appropriated the little room and we could feel its supernal weight pushing us towards the floor. “IT MEANS…IT MEANS TO DRAG ME INTO HELL!” screamed Tolleson. We watched, unable to move, as the grey carpeting suddenly morphed into a fiery chasm and Mr. Tolleson was engulfed by a horrifying, blazing holocaust. Somehow, I was spared. LEAVE, LEAVE NOW– a savage whisper of the depths that I shall never forget. Somehow, I made it out of that flaming grave but not before I caught a ghastly glimpse of buried mountains of burning embers– I knew then that I was looking into the face of pure evil.

The fair is currently planned for August 23-25, 2015.

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