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Precocious Madison to Release Second Video Game Tomorrow

October 24, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments
By Grady Kitchens

By Grady Kitchens


Video game wunderkind Danny Madison has wasted no time in following up his smash hit puzzle platform “The Video Cube”. It was announced today that the precocious 12-year old will release his second video game tomorrow sources are now confirming.

Danny Madison, age 12.

Danny Madison, age 12.

“Fire Quasars” will go on sale at select retail outlets at noon. Long lines are expected.

“Fire Quasars represents the latest in experimental laser saucer technology,” stated Madison. “Unlike some earlier laser saucer efforts, Fire Quasars provides up to 846 different gameplay challenges, the electronically digitized voices of several famous actors and razor sharp digital graphics. I’m very proud of this one and we think it will be a big hit.”

Madison paused to program a series of calculators which were directly wired into a pizza. No explanation was offered.

Detail from "Fire Quasars"

Detail from “Fire Quasars”

“It’s another brilliant game from Madison,” noted video game critic and Electronics Cranny contributor Fritz Tennis. “The gameplay is set against a brilliant astronomical landscape. The spaceships, secret quasar targets and helicopters exhibit extraordinary realism. It is the most sophisticated game I’ve seen all year.”

Fire Quasars will be sold in versions for the Bubonos 2000 system and for “individual computer systems”. Retail prices are $59.99 and $69.99 respectively.

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