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Lankville Mom Empowers Women By Feeding Cave Hermits

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By Mrs. Larry Temple

By Mrs. Larry Temple


She’s a mother of six, a Small Child Scouts leader, and a college administrator with a Ph.D., but her unusual hobby is taking Lankville by storm.

Cheryl Sheets shows off a turkey that will be fed to a cave hermit.

Cheryl Sheets shows off a turkey that will be fed to a cave hermit.

In her spare time, Lankville Southern Far Away Suburb resident Cheryl Sheets, 38, changes from her dress clothes to a special jumpsuit, climbs up into the hills, and feeds cave hermits.

“Most people didn’t know that I fed cave hermits until I came to work one day with this necklace made out of a bunch of big bulky rocks,” Sheets says. “I had to explain that [the necklace] was a gift from a cave hermit. That just kind of got the ball rolling.”

She started when she was a little girl in Deep Lankville where several of her relatives were cave hermits. “We had a little more in life– Dad repaired soft toys– and so I learned early to give something back. Give something back to the people in the caves.”

But Cheryl didn’t truly get started in hermit cave-feeding until about three years ago. Now, it’s a family affair. Sheets’ daughter, mother and small husband are now involved in the practice.

“I wish I would have started younger. But, it’s an expensive hobby,” Sheets notes. “All those huge turkeys. It adds up.”

Her dreams came true when she graduated from a Ph.D. program at the University of Far Away Suburban Lankville and her small husband bought her an array of portable food serving trays as a present. The rest is history.

Typical cave hermit.

Typical cave hermit.

“She really ran with it once she had those lovely trays,” stated hubby Kevin Sheets, who works as a costume designer. “Those trays are silver-plated brass and have the classic shapes and beveled edges of a hotel collection. Really chic.”

Sheets just got her first sponsorship from Vitiello Decorative Hams, which should allow her to continue the practice far into the future.

“The hermits are never sure what to do with a decorative ham but it does brighten up their caves,” Sheets noted.

For Sheets, it’s more than just the thrill of feeding a cave hermit though. She’s hoping her participation in the activity inspires other women to defy the odds and break barriers.

“You’ve got to get yourself started [in hermit cave-feeding]. You just have to be who you are, strong, overly-confident, in complete control of your family and everything after that will fall into place.”

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