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Odds and Ends by Brian Schropp

December 11, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments
By Brian Schropp

By Brian Schropp

I’ll start out with a good tip I learned the hard way (and hopefully save you some headaches). If you’re cooking chicken make sure you cook it ALL the way through. You can’t just make up a temperature and cooking time and then expect it to be done. Even though the outside may look cooked you need to check the inside. After all, “raw is raw!!!” (thank you for that rhyming tidbit Mom). I know this from experience–in my attempts to make a “Breakfast Sandwich Pot Pie” for dinner, I sent my family to a long night at the Emergency Room (for some reason I am fine). After everyone got the all clear and the anger and the cussing died down all was forgiven. But I would like to apologize again in print to my wonderful family who bare the brunt of my “wacky” and “cutting edge” culinary ideas.



And a quick bonus follow-up tip- if you’re cooking with frozen and room temperature foods make sure you make the frozen food the same temperature. “You can’t just pile everything in together and expect it to cook” (thanks again Mom, my cooking guru).

In other news, turns out Mort Freidberg of “Mort’s Pump and Food Depot” has changed the recipe for his nacho cheese and not for the better. “Well Bri, I didn’t change too much,” Mort said to me as he mopped up someone’s vomit in the discount sandwich aisle. “I just brought the machine out, cleaned it up a bit and put in new cheese.”

I get it. The publicity I brought to the delicious nacho cheese was too much. Maybe Mort and his wife couldn’t keep up with the demand? A lesson learned in the food writing trade, you gotta keep the real gems to yourself. Next time I might offer Mort some money for the original recipe. Then, I could see one of my childhood dreams of owning a restaurant that serves only nacho cheese come true!!!

And finally, my attempts to inquire about the bumpkins are going nowhere. Both Lloyd Byas-Kirk and Detective Gee-Temple have gone very hush hush on the subject. Is their new information? When is the memorial going to happen? Maybe a little update before my column will help?

As always readers, remember to keep your mind and mouth open to new ideas.

Happy eating!

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