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Still No Answers in Boat Accident

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By Lloyd Byas-Kirk

By Lloyd Byas-Kirk


Despite reports citing speed, alcohol, and massive mental illness playing a role in the December 3rd boat crash on Lankville Vortex Lake that killed 11, a federal Fish, Boats and Flotation Device officer told The Lankville Daily News that the investigation is far from over.

Brent Massey-Aunt, FBFD officer and one of two officers who investigated the accident, said the incident is “still being probed.”

“Whenever there is a boat accident, a lot of stuff sinks to the bottom of the lake or pond or whatever it may be,” noted Massey-Aunt, who was interviewed while he stood at the water’s edge piercing the lake surface with a long stick for reasons unclear. “And we are still looking into the unbalanced and deranged nature of all the known persons aboard. All 11 were complete maniacs but to what extent, we are unsure.”

Here's a boat (example).

Here’s a boat (example).

Massey-Aunt continued poking the water with the stick. Nothing further was offered.

“The thing about speed [is] even at slow speeds, when you have fiberglass smashing into rocks, you’re going to have significant damage,” noted Detective Gee-Temple, who also responded to the scene. “We have to look closely at the rocks. We don’t have a lot [of] answers until we do that. Hell, we don’t even know where the [bodies] are right now.”

We asked Gee-Temple if they might be at the bottom of the lake.

“Could be, could be at the bottom of the lake. Definitely. They could also be in the woods. They could have been stolen. Eaten. Lot of possibilities Lloyd.” The intrepid detective opened a file cabinet and then closed it quickly.

“Why don’t you let the professionals handle it?” he advised.

It is unknown if any of the victims were wearing flotation devices.

“The answers are currently wrapped in a present of mystery,” said Massey-Aunt, in reference to the upcoming holidays. The officer then accidentally dropped his stick into the lake. “Damn,” he said quietly. “Damn. Can’t catch a break.”

A press conference is expected in the next few days.

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