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THE UNHINGED: An Interview with Tom “Vapor” Rayford

December 19, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments
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An Inflamed by Stars and Blood Exclusive Interview

Most new Tom “Vapor” Rayford films are a cause for celebration in the horror community. And it is true to say that The Unhinged is a return to form for Rayford, after his 2007 horror/western flop The Dusty Hills Near the Edge of Nightmare and Some Other Hills. Inflamed by Stars and Blood had the opportunity to sit down with Rayford on the set of his newest film due for release late in 2014.unhinged

IN: What was the set of The Unhinged like?
TR: Extremely tense and uncomfortable. We all pretty much hated each other.
IN: I’m shocked. How did you manage to endure?
TR: Several times the film nearly fell apart. We had a terrible time with the slow canal boat. It just never did work right and it made everyone angry and hateful. I hate all of them, actually.
IN: What about Crystal T. Slago? For those fans that may not be aware, you guys are married.
TR: No, I pretty much hate her too. I hate this film.
IN: I…I’m not sure what else to ask.
TR: You could ask about my authentic Native Lankville Indian village that I constructed over there on that table. It’s made of wood shavings.
IN: I…

The interview completely collapsed and was ended prematurely.

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