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Inflamed by Stars and Blood Mourns the Death of Rudolfph Horner

January 2, 2015 Leave a comment

Sponsored by Inflamed by Stars and Blood: Lankville's Premier Science Fiction and Horror Review

Veteran actor Rudolfph Horner, perhaps most famous for his role as the “Blue Tiger Man” in the 1956 science fiction epic “Tigers in Ice Land” has died. The headliner fell forward into some soup at the 37th Annual Lankvillicon last Friday. He was 85.

Horner in the 1956 film "Tigers in Ice Land."  Horner is lifting the tiger.

Horner in the 1956 film “Tigers in Ice Land.” Horner is lifting the tiger.

The foreign-born Horner was a sci-fi idol after his Blue Tiger Man role and appeared in several sequels. He did not act after 1977 but appeared regularly on the convention circuit.

“He was a big man, a former wrestler,” said convention organizer Brett Quentz. “He wasn’t very talented at all but he was able to actually lift a tiger and this was viewed as spectacular. He will be missed.”

“I’m very sad to hear of the death of Rudolfph,” said Tigers in Ice Land co-star Maria Bureau-Sisters. “We had nice chemistry together on the set of that film and, of course, it was a big hit. Rudolfph and I had a brief affair and I found him to be a kind and gentle person with limited interests beyond lifting heavy animals.”

Horner had lived alone in a small rancher in the Lankville Hills. He is survived by his house.

THE UNHINGED: An Interview with Tom “Vapor” Rayford

December 19, 2014 Leave a comment
Sponsored by Inflamed by Stars and Blood: Lankville's Premier Science Fiction and Horror Review

An Inflamed by Stars and Blood Exclusive Interview

Most new Tom “Vapor” Rayford films are a cause for celebration in the horror community. And it is true to say that The Unhinged is a return to form for Rayford, after his 2007 horror/western flop The Dusty Hills Near the Edge of Nightmare and Some Other Hills. Inflamed by Stars and Blood had the opportunity to sit down with Rayford on the set of his newest film due for release late in 2014.unhinged

IN: What was the set of The Unhinged like?
TR: Extremely tense and uncomfortable. We all pretty much hated each other.
IN: I’m shocked. How did you manage to endure?
TR: Several times the film nearly fell apart. We had a terrible time with the slow canal boat. It just never did work right and it made everyone angry and hateful. I hate all of them, actually.
IN: What about Crystal T. Slago? For those fans that may not be aware, you guys are married.
TR: No, I pretty much hate her too. I hate this film.
IN: I…I’m not sure what else to ask.
TR: You could ask about my authentic Native Lankville Indian village that I constructed over there on that table. It’s made of wood shavings.
IN: I…

The interview completely collapsed and was ended prematurely.


November 19, 2014 Leave a comment
By Seamus Goldfarb

By Seamus Goldfarb

Sponsored by Inflamed by Stars and Blood: Lankville's Premier Science Fiction and Horror Review

Sponsored by Inflamed by Stars and Blood: Lankville’s Premier Science Fiction and Horror Review

Intrigue rocks Lankville’s once esteemed fan-fiction community as its beloved President (the humble author of this article employing the rarely used 4th Person Totes Objective Perspective) Seamus Goldfarb was ousted in an emergency vote held during his double shift last night at the unicorn keychain kiosk at Twin Removed Pines Mall. What was his crime, gentle reader? It was merely pursuing his passion for the craft which had brought us all– the Lankville Fan-Fiction Writers Club– to the Pontiff’s Pizza on the corner of I-34 in the first place. A philistine amongst our number discovered within my extensive online body of work a large cache of BOT RANGERS, DECAMP! slash fiction and reported it to our ethics committee (Chad, Steve and Island Steve– j’accuse!) as some kind of “violation”. The real violation is allowing the inner life of the 1989 series Delta Squad: Harass characters to be left unexplored. While my own Fifty Shades of Harass was a genre exploding work it was not simply “Glorifed porn starring two guys in pantsuits rubbing all over each other” as one less than enlightened commenter on my blog put it. I will of course be appealing this decision at the next bi-monthly table read and Big Stuffed Pizza Brunch. My case is as strong as the narrative of my thirty seven chapter Richard and the Postman/Asteroid Belt Avengers cross-over but if the worst happens and rightful office is not restored I will soldier on. After all, there is another perfectly good Pontiff’s Pizza next to the shopping cart swamp by the old tire plant. Like a phoenix from the ashes, I will rise again as will a new and better Fan Fiction Club to service all of Lankville’s extended and meta canon needs. I’ll leave you with a fitting quote from my next opus which I will upload as soon I finish cleaning the keychain engraver at work tonight.

“Strike me down Dr. Richard and I shall only become more radical-er than you could ever imagine!” The Postman- “The Ultra Richard and the Postman Chronicles”

The opinions of Seamus Goldfarb are not necessarily those of the Lankville Daily News or any of its subsidiaries.

Mr. Daniel Madison (Northwestern Lankville suburban area) contributed to this article.

Choir Invisible Bags Science Fiction Author Eurice

November 11, 2014 Leave a comment
An Inflamed by Stars and Blood Special Report

An Inflamed by Stars and Blood Special Report

The choir invisible has bagged science fiction author Enos Eurice, sources are confirming. Eurice was 74.

“He was flickering out into the unseen,” said Eurice’s wife Pamela, who noted that the author died at dinner. “A dark curtain was passing over him. It was deep and impenetrable. A spectral heaviness passed over the table and into a future existence that only the lifeless can know and then his remains fell forward into some soup.”

Enos was a giant…

Enos Eurice is defunct.

Enos Eurice, defunct.

Eurice was the author of A Horse Called R.O.B.O.T., Ninja Disks, Her Visual Binaries and several other popular novels.

“Enos was a giant,” noted Inflamed by Stars and Blood editor and novelist Dean T. Pibbs. “We all read him at first, of course, on the back of tire advertising circulars. Eventually, of course, he graduated to gaudy pamphlets. Then, ultimately, full-length novels. Then, back to gaudy pamphlets and, towards the end, tire advertising circulars again. It was a journey.”

Eurice’s career was not without controversy. He spent 1974-1981 on Death Row.

“I think it was said that he was a terrorist,” Pibbs noted. “The circumstances were a little unclear and it all worked out in the end.”

A small, restrained funeral will be held on Thursday at the Life Lessons Funeral Home in Eastern Lankville.

Inflamed by Stars and Blood Film Review: The Bags of Earth

January 27, 2014 Leave a comment

An Inflamed by Stars and Blood and Lankville Daily News Exclusive

By Caramel Jameson
Special ISB Correspondent

Astro Chase Studios have announced the 2014 release of Howard Cartridge’s new film The Bags of Earth.  Cartridge is no stranger to science fiction and horror fans having made a series of genre-bending films in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  “No question, Asteroid Avoiders II: Going Back was probably my biggest hit,” noted the man himself.  “We sold a lot of asteroid avoider toys, comics, bedsheets and paper towels.  But with Bags, I’m looking for something a little more profound and meaningful.”  Indeed, Cartridges was gracious enough to give us a short interview while wrapping up shooting of Bags.  

One of the more frightening scenes from Cartridge's new film "The Bags of Earth".

One of the more frightening scenes from Cartridge’s new film “The Bags of Earth”.

CJ:   Tell us about Bags.
HC: It’s an environmental disaster film. It’s SCARY.
CJ: How so?
HC: It’s really…really SCARY.
CJ: What is the film about? What was shooting this film like?
HC: Really…really…really…SCARY!
CJ: What are the bags?
HC: They are SCARY!
CJ: What do they do? Do they attack people? Do they take over the political and social structure of the world?
HC: No. They are just SCARY! SCARY!  Look at them!  Look at them!
CJ: Thanks.

Year Film
1975 Starblasters
1978 Asteroid Avoiders
1983 Asteroid Avoiders II: Going Back
1989 Lingus Nets: Alive!
1990 400 Days After the Space Invasion
1997 Delivery Boys

A Brief Cartridges Filmography


SPECIAL TV UPDATE…..Inflamed by Stars and Blood

January 10, 2014 1 comment

By Caramel Jameson
ISB Correspondent

The Lankville Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) will premier a fantastic new science fiction program on Sunday, March 4 that has been much anticipated.  Penned by veteran space disaster novelist Brisk Frames, Asteroid Galaxy 3000 stars Lorne Concordance as Commander Bobby Shacks and the lovely Barbara Gotay as Lostatos the Venusian.

Concordance, who is lost in space, lands on a star of Venus in an attempt not only to refuel but also to straighten out his foam ball model of the universe (which has been bounced around a bit by the ride). He meets Lostatos who agrees to accompany him on a journey into the far unknowns.  The sexual tension between Concordance and Lostatos is instantly palpable– thankfully, Lostatos has brought a furry little friend along– “Muffitts Four”, played by Little Jerry in his debut role.

Little Jerry as Muffitts Four.

Little Jerry as Muffitts Four.

It’s not all fun and games, however. In the first episode, the two space travelers come under attack by some deprogrammed aliens who have commandeered a fleet of space junk and are hell-bent on destroying anything in their path. Indeed, this they do– oddly, Concordance, Lostatos and Muffitts Four are destroyed in the first 20 minutes of the show by a series of heat-seeking space projectiles. “There seems to be little chance of them surviving,” notes TV critic George Forbidden. “They really get blown to hell and then the last 40 minutes of the show are just stills of different planets, asteroids, comets. There’s no narration or anything. Just the stills. Nobody is too sure what to make of it.”

Nevertheless, it should make for compelling television. Asteroid Galaxy 3000 will premier at 8 P.M., 9 P.M. mountains, 10 P.M. deserts. There is a non-color option broadcast for Hill People.

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