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SPECIAL TV UPDATE…..Inflamed by Stars and Blood

January 10, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Caramel Jameson
ISB Correspondent

The Lankville Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) will premier a fantastic new science fiction program on Sunday, March 4 that has been much anticipated.  Penned by veteran space disaster novelist Brisk Frames, Asteroid Galaxy 3000 stars Lorne Concordance as Commander Bobby Shacks and the lovely Barbara Gotay as Lostatos the Venusian.

Concordance, who is lost in space, lands on a star of Venus in an attempt not only to refuel but also to straighten out his foam ball model of the universe (which has been bounced around a bit by the ride). He meets Lostatos who agrees to accompany him on a journey into the far unknowns.  The sexual tension between Concordance and Lostatos is instantly palpable– thankfully, Lostatos has brought a furry little friend along– “Muffitts Four”, played by Little Jerry in his debut role.

Little Jerry as Muffitts Four.

Little Jerry as Muffitts Four.

It’s not all fun and games, however. In the first episode, the two space travelers come under attack by some deprogrammed aliens who have commandeered a fleet of space junk and are hell-bent on destroying anything in their path. Indeed, this they do– oddly, Concordance, Lostatos and Muffitts Four are destroyed in the first 20 minutes of the show by a series of heat-seeking space projectiles. “There seems to be little chance of them surviving,” notes TV critic George Forbidden. “They really get blown to hell and then the last 40 minutes of the show are just stills of different planets, asteroids, comets. There’s no narration or anything. Just the stills. Nobody is too sure what to make of it.”

Nevertheless, it should make for compelling television. Asteroid Galaxy 3000 will premier at 8 P.M., 9 P.M. mountains, 10 P.M. deserts. There is a non-color option broadcast for Hill People.

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