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Directed by Ted Wilks Starring- Lesley Bagwell, Gene T. Rose, Robin Yount, Sixto Morrison, Little Jimmy Hurling
Released by Sterling Studios Rated- R

Reviewed by Reggie Quintz

Top astronaut-robot Shiana 13 (Lesley Bagwell) arrives alone on a mysterious planet in which everyone must be physically attached to a balloon. She meets Kenny (Gene T. Rose) and Gerard (Robin Yount) who are planning a vague revolution against the decree, handed down by the cruel planet dictator Hildepanns (Sixto Morrison). They enlist the help of cute schoolboy Kent (Little Jimmy Hurling in his debut role) but the revolution ultimately goes awry when Shiana 13 and Gerard fall in love and decide to adopt Kent. In the end, Shiana allows herself to be attached to a balloon so she might stay on the planet and purchase a suburban home.

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Lesley Bagwell is probably the best thing about this cinematic turd which stumbles along at a crawling pace before finally ending in a long scene in which the new couple sit down at the closing on their suburban home (this closing is filmed with complete realism and takes a rather tedious 50 minutes). You get to see a bit of bare ass here (in the movie, not during the house closing) which inserts some color into the otherwise lifeless story. Robin Yount is terrible in his film debut as Gerard.

Lesley Bagwell ponders her balloon attachment.

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