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Guy at Meeting Acting a Little Arrogant for Someone Who is Stone-Cold Bald

Brandy Transfer-Tables

By Brandy Transfer-Tables


A guy at a meeting in the Lankville Tall Business Building Arena is reportedly acting a little arrogant for someone who is stone-cold bald.

“First thing in the morning and BAM!, Derm comes in and just starts acting pompous and haughty,” noted employee Dennis Fairboy, who works with the offender Derm Layboards at the Grebov Brothers Telescope Company. “I mean, he’s stone-cold bald. He should remember that.”

Other meeting attendees noted that Layboards is normally meek and mild-mannered.

“Something got in his crawl today and he was pitching some serious swagger,” said Lisa-Pam Yothers, who works in telescope quality control. “He sure wasn’t acting like a guy wearing a cheap synthetic blend shirt and who is as bald as a concrete wall.”

Derm Layboards is bald but he acts arrogant.

Derm Layboards is bald but he acts arrogant.

Layboards, who handles promissory telescope notes from customers, said he was fully aware of his conceited attitude.

“I just had enough of these meetings where people with hair are obviously favored in terms of speaking order and seating proximity to the heaters. So, I walked in there and took what I wanted. And they all listened and took notice.”

Layboards said he plans to be even more brazen at the next meeting.

“I’m taking control of the slide projector. And I will dominate it during the entire meeting,” noted the mid-level employee whose head is a barren, splotchy desert where hair fights a losing battle to find purchase. “It’s my time now,” Layboards added after a long, intense silence.

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