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President Pondicherry on the State of Lankville

January 29, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments
President Pondicherry

President Pondicherry

We must always be guided by the philosophy that made Lankville great.

As Lankvillians, we believe in our vigorous thrusting power. We can thrust forward and, by thrusting, create a powerful future full of meaning. We must believe in the ability of free peoples to make wise decisions, empower themselves and babies, and thrust always forward.

In the long run, Lankvillians can be confident of economic growth. But, in the short run, we can see that there is absolutely no growth at all. This is a conundrum.

We have taken steps to address this. There will be education– we will put an end to all those schools that disappeared and were replaced by malls. A task force is looking into that. And we will draw a blank on no babies. That is my new program- Draw a Blank on No Babies. Education begins with babies. We will educate them until they are adults and then, hopefully, they will find jobs in our new, giant, accelerated economy.

But I encourage: keep thrusting. I want you to tell me about your thrusts. Tell me how much you like to thrust. I want to hear about it. So much– more than you ever know.

God Bless You and God Bless Lankville,
President Pondicherry

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