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Madison Fights Lion, Tank

February 13, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments
By Brock Belvedere

By Brock Belvedere


Wunderkind inventor Danny Madison fought a lion and a tank this morning, sources are reporting.

The 12-year old boy genius held a press conference to introduce his new “Repelletron Skywalk”, a device which instantly creates moving walkways when he was suddenly attacked by the lion and the tank.

The lion and the tank were defeated.

Big day for Danny Madison.

Big day for Danny Madison.

“Clearly, the lion and the tank had reasons for keeping my Repelletron Skywalk a secret,” Madison noted after the spirited rhubarb.

Madison then proceeded to describe his latest innovation.

“The Repelletron Skywalk is in response to a series of green objects that I saw hovering over a field last week. At first, I invented a cohort of robot astronauts equipped with 3-D TV cameras as “eyes”. I called them “Video Vikings”. Anyway, the “Video Vikings” failed in their objective so I have created this device which utilizes rays to create moving walkways to the sky. In this manner, I shall investigate the green objects personally.”

Madison received a standing ovation from the small crowd of assembled reporters.

“Thank you,” responded the whiz-kid. “Now, I understand there are some round bite-size doughnut remains at the back of the room?”

Unfortunately, the round bite-size doughnut remains had already been eaten.

“I’m disappointed,” noted Madison, who activated the Repelletron Skywalk through a window and vacated the room, ending the press conference prematurely.

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