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Shake Brought

By Dennis Updatables

By Dennis Updatables


A shake was brought, sources are confirming.

“Yes, the lady brought my shake,” said Miranda Jennifers, age 11. “I…well, we…”

“We’re just having a leisurely lunch here at Mr. Snack,” interjected Cindy Jennifers, Miranda’s mom. “Just taking it easy with a couple of shakes. There’s nothing to report here. Go ahead, move on.”

Mr. Snack waitress Amanda Linda was confirmed as having brought the shake.

“Yes, I brought it to table number 11. It was strawberry. I…”

Linda sank into a period of confusion and the interview was ended prematurely.

Mr. Snack offers a selection of ten shakes.

“Sure, we can bring you any one of ten shakes,” noted manager Glenn Crispin, who was interviewed while overseeing the making of several shakes. “It’s a popular…snack…here at Mr. Snack. We sell…a lot of snacks. I mean, shakes. Shakes and snacks.”

The shake that was brought.

The shake that was brought.

Crispin indicated that several further shakes would probably be served today.

“I…would imagine,” he said, before looking off into the distance.

Phone calls to Mr. Snack corporate headquarters were not returned.

The Jennifers family did not order any other shakes and left shortly thereafter.

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