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Schropp Keynote Speaker at “Bowls of Meat Festival”

Jackie Sheds, Jr.

Jackie Sheds, Jr.


Lankville Daily News contributor Brian Schropp was the keynote speaker yesterday at the 1st Annual Lankville Suburban “Bowls of Meat Festival”. The event drew nearly 10,000 suburban Lankvillians.

“It was a great success and a big part of that was Brian,” noted organizer Natalie Sisters-Solutions. “Even though Brian’s speech didn’t make a lot of sense and even though he started crying all of a sudden for reasons unclear, people just liked seeing him. We all know that people who write for The Lankville Daily News are kind of a big deal.”

The event featured over 1,500 different bowls of meat spanning a wide-range of Lankville culinary traditions.

Schropp sits before the bowls of meat.

Schropp sits before the bowls of meat.

“I thought it was fantastic,” said an attendee, who was later carried off by hawks. “There were even bowls that appeared at first glance to be vegetables or some sort of weird seaweed thing or soup but once you pushed that junk aside, you saw it was just a big pile of meat underneath. I loved it.”

Schropp was pleased with the event.

“There were definitely some types of meat that I was unfamiliar with, some things that don’t really jive with my enhanced taste profile but otherwise I enjoyed myself tremendously. As I say, you should always keep your mouths [sic] open to new experiences.”

Schropp noted that he prepared his speech while riding a bus home from a urology appointment.

“Some good ideas were flowing but I didn’t have any paper with me, so I just wrote the ideas on my leg. Fortunately, I was wearing jean shorts that day, so I had a lot of space.”

Sisters-Solutions says that a 2nd festival is already in the works.

“We hope there will be more meat, more Brian, more bowls, more celebrations,” she noted.

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